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Microneedling is a revolutionary beauty treatment that can help to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and acne scars. Using a specialized device, tiny needles are used to create thousands of micro-injuries in the skin, which stimulate collagen and elastin production to create a smoother, more youthful complexion. This minimally-invasive procedure can be used to improve skin texture, tone, and firmness with little to no downtime.

White Plants

Whats Involved?

  • Steam cleanse  

  • Advanced enzyme peel

  • Microneedling

  • hydrating hyaluronic acid sheet mask

  • LED Light mask

  • Hand and arm massage 

  • SPF moisturiser 


Aftercare for microneedling is very important for optimal results. Immediately after the procedure, the skin should be gently cleansed with a mild cleanser or micellar water. It is important to avoid using harsh products or scrubs as they can irritate the skin. A gentle moisturizer with SPF should be applied to the area twice a day. Avoiding direct sun exposure for 48 hours after microneedling is recommended. Be sure to avoid picking or scratching the treated area and follow up with a professional for any additional aftercare instructions.


£ 75

Treatment Time

  • 45 Minutes

Pain Level

  • Low /Comfortable 

Treatment Frequency

To maintain results, regular microneedling sessions should be scheduled every four to six weeks.

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