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Carbon Laser Peel

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Our Carbon Laser Facial is the ultimate solution to dull and tired-looking skin. This revolutionary treatment uses the power of carbon and laser technology to deeply exfoliate, cleanse and unclog your pores. A layer of carbon will be applied to your face, which absorbs impurities and contaminants before our laser gently removes the carbon to reveal brighter, tighter and refreshed skin.

White Plants

Whats Involved?

  • Foam cleanse 

  • Advanced enzyme peel

  • Carbon charcoal mask

  • Laser Peel

  • SPF moisturiser 


There is no downtime, moderate aftercare includes using sun protection (SPF 50 or greater), avoiding hot water, swimming, sauna's, and hot tubs. Natural mineral makeup can be applied in just a matter of a few hours after the treatment.



Treatment Time

  • 45 Minutes

Pain Level

  • Comfortable 

Treatment Frequency

To maintain results, regular Carbon Laser treatments  sessions should be scheduled every four to six weeks.

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